5 things you need to know to monetize your music – a talk with Storm Gloor

Balanced Breakfast Denver met at Mutiny Cafe in Denver on Saturday, July 11, 2015 and welcomed Storm Gloor, Associate Professor of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies at UC Denver. In addition to a great many music business credits, Storm organizes CAM Records, a student-run label. The following is a rough transcription of Storm’s talk, which¬†preceded a round of Q&A from… Read more →

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Meeting June 27, 2015

We had our second meeting today. Balanced Breakfast: San Francisco, aka the Mothership (shut up, that’s what I’m calling it) joined us for a Skype Conference. We then talked about the best ways to put together a tour, how to promote while on the road and how not own a tour bus.   -Alex Please follow and like us: Read more →